digital signage

What is Android digital signage

The guide will lead to the main competencies and requirements for the qualified Android digital signage which will significantly result in the whole business progress.

Why choose digital method of advertisements

Digital information of outdoor advertising is performed with digital signage solutions. It is considered to be the best updated solution for showing digital images and videos to be found in public spaces to provide effective feedback in different fields. Marketing exhibitions will find them really handy for business approaches. It contains the different sized displays with the important details on them. You might search for the perfect solution which will respond to your needs and business requirements.

Main components

Dealing with solution leads directly to its main elements:

  • Software tools. You will need some modern business platforms to provide you with required apps to manage the digital signage correctly.
  • Hardware capabilities. It might include displays on which the content will be shown.
  • Connectivity management system. The point comprises remote connections including WiFi networks and mobile accessibility formats.
  • Setup procedure. Different types of installation are accomplished appropriately to meet the significant result.
  • Presented content. Attractive content is in great demand to present fresh ideas to the current projects.
  • Channels support. Network support performance matters for increased number of customers viewing the relevant content.

How to manage content

Digital signage content is the information which you want to show to others. You are creating and designing media video files to make an interesting plot for the presented details. Engaging people with interactions applied on the displays is what has to be achieved. Therefore, it’s important to predict the situation and come up with informative content. You can examine the following most common types to come up with the right decision:

  • Wayfinding and maps are perfectly organized in public places.
  • Meeting coordination and tutorials are good for corporations.
  • Whiteboarding and demonstrations are appreciated in the field of sales.
  • Digital menu is an excellent choice for cafes and restaurants.
  • Digital tours are interesting for cities and museums.
  • Digital catalogues and registrations are available for trade shows.
  • Classroom management, whiteboarding and tutorials are excellent possibilities to use in educational institutions.

What hardware to choose

Using the leading technologies matters if you want to achieve the best results with the solution. The most popular classic options are:

  • Multi touch devices allow users to touch the screen to view the material.
  • Capacitive touch screens are fitted with touch events and can be found in all smartphones.
  • If you’re looking for common technology working with any content Infrared displays are worth handling.
  • Broadcasting with Beacon techniques shaping in QR codes, and other readers with the automated tour guide.
  • Multi touch tables with tangible results.
  • If you’re looking for something demonstrating the connections to cameras and TVs, connected objects are the best kinds of proposed items.


For some people, it can be complicated to run the digital signage solutions appropriately. Therefore, you have to consider the key elements of perfect interactions. Don’t forget to experiment with the content and technologies, software will always surprise you with new ideas for better solutions!